It is time to give back in a more deliberate way.

For hundreds of clients from hundreds of companies, Joseph has been providing executive business Coaching since 1998. The common thread has been that the people seeking Coaching were willing to invest in true change for themselves. That said, many, too many, business owners and Executives who might benefit from Coaching do not give it a try because they are just not quite sure what it is and how it works.

Although Joseph has always made room in his practice for people who might not be able to afford Coaching it is only recently that this other blocker has been recognized. Some people are just not sure about Coaching, so do not pursue it. Joseph has decided to set aside exclusive Coaching spots for people who are simply curious, want to check it out and want to accomplish a meaningful result. Joseph is giving back two weeks (two sessions) of Coaching for decision makers in business at the token cost of just $200.

Now, upfront, Joseph can not provide deeply discounted Coaching to everyone who applies. However, each and every application will be answered, and, at the very least, you’ll have the opportunity for a 15 minute conversation with Joseph. You wouldn’t believe what can happen in 15 minutes!


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