That you are here suggests that we may have some common interests. Great

No charge for a 1/2 hour conversation to get a little bit clearer about what it is that you want to accomplish for yourself, or for your business.

We could also just meet and get a sense for each other. I’d love to hear about what you are up to. All good

Let’s talk about what you want for yourself, what it will look like when you have it and what you will then do with the newfound clarity and strength of resolve

No charge

“… has enabled me to clarify the direction I wish to pursue in developing and growing my company and has helped me to understand and rectify some of the ways in which I was blocking my own, and my company’s, success” (CEO of a new company)

“… interestingly enough he did not solve my problems for me, but through time has shown me how to work through and solve my own problems …enlightened me to the fact that I am a great problem solver. I am taking my style, my desires and implementing them in a way I am comfortable with” (CEO and owner of a network of companies)

Really opened up my view of things and allowed me to get moving in a way that I could not have predicted. Very satisfying.”(CEO over $20 million international company)

“what has surprised me the most about Coaching is both its simplicity (absence of supposedly ‘patented’ formulas) and the immediate results achieved” (owner of an engineering company)


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