Joseph is a prolific writer who very much enjoys sharing insights, knowledge and joy. Up From Paralysis chronicles his experience of being paralyzed, twice, due to bouts with GBS and the increased personal awareness those events provided. Personal Fulfillment is a ‘how to’ personal development/growth book including many tools used in the Coaching profession. Candid Conversations demystifies this current phenomenon that is massively raising the bar on what is possible in business and like organizations. Also check out his blog at the tab above

Up From Paralysis by Joseph Seiler

Up From Paralysis

Up From Paralysis is for you:

  • If increased clarity about your business or any part of your life is of any interest
  • If decisions are not being made, if in doubt or hesitating
  • If peace of mind eludes you
  • If you are at all curious about connecting with the ‘other side’

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Personal Fulfillment is Success by Joseph Seiler

Personal Fulfillment is Success

This book is about Finding and Keeping Your NaturalEdge. Finding is about understanding how we came to be who/how we are and about how/why we do things. Keeping is about habit building. In between Finding and Keeping is Deciding. Once I understand the mechanisms that got me to ‘here and now’, I can apply those mechanisms to get me to the ‘there and then’ of my own choosing.

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Candid Conversations – What? How?

A Candid Conversation can add huge value to any interaction including two or more people who genuinely want to find a better solution, faster, for any situation that they can agree needs improvement. Yes, it even has value to add to a personal relationship, though it is designed and optimized for corporate project teams and the full range of business scenarios..

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