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Answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions

1. What exactly am I purchasing when I work with you, Joseph?
You are purchasing Coaching sessions delivered from a wealth of expertise.
You will experience:

  • greater clarity in making the right decisions
  • stronger resolve to do the right things, and…
  • be happier, along the way to ever greater success
  • you become naturally more powerful
  • you more easily hit and exceed targets, do better in many ways
  • life gets easier

2. Who hires a Coach?
People who are looking to get beyond their status quo, they want a change, a good one, and often a big one. Coaching is for people ready to be more successful. Oprah, arguably the most successful woman in history, had a Coach. Joseph has worked with software developers, hair salon owners, engineering firms, Fortune Executives, the widest range of people.

3. Are you a therapist? psychologist?
No. Those helping professions are trained to seek root cause, go into your past and attempt to fix what may not be working for you from back when. As Coach, Joseph is focused on your very best future on a foundation that sees you as ‘creative, resourceful and whole’, certainly not as broken.

4. How does pricing for your services work?
With your agreement, the engagement begins with an initial nine month commitment. We can charge your credit card (easiest). It has taken all of your life to get you to where you are today. It may take a bit of time to get you to the new place you seek. It is about staying beside you, not about hours.

5. Will you be telling me what to do? making decisions for me?
No. Joseph is a one with one Coach, not one to one or one on one, but rather one with one. We go along together, side by side, like going down the basketball court. As we approach the basket we set you up for the perfect shot. This way, Joseph follows you, and, we do things your way. What arises is your natural way.