just you, no travel cost, on your schedule


Sometimes, the best move is to simply STOP


Doing what you truly love?

Getting the results you really want?

Would it be OK if things got way easier and you became a lot happier?

Some of the Benefits

release from ‘have to’

recharge personal energy

look, see, choose afresh

feel the return of clarity and ease

reconnect with your own foundations of success and happiness

make ready to soar higher – choosing again in your own natural way

What you receive includes at least the following:

  • one w one Coaching, by phone
  • multiple media aids (songs, videos, writings)
  • at least one book, aligned with your personal Retreat path
  • multiple guided experience aids to your unique discovery
  • the confidence to really get going again

You will build on: what to shed, what to take on, your Purpose, Business Plan, Vision, your Promises to yourself, what makes you happy, and more

I Am Ready for some me time

Let’s talk about next steps

Phone: (250)408-4183

Email: jseiler@yournaturaledge.com