How Coachable are you?



Everyone is Coachable …   when their day comes

I believe, because I have seen it so many times, that anyone, literally anyone, can benefit from working with a Coach.


Until one is ready to change, in order to get a desired new outcome, nothing much happens. That means that the day a person is ready, anyone can benefit from working with a Coach. In this state of ready to change, everyone is Coachable.

 Today may not be everyone’s day.

When a person will no longer put up with something in their life, the fuel needed to initiate a change that will actually stick, becomes available. Until then we have words and New Years resolutions and blah, sometimes including shame and guilt.

When the hunger for a change can no longer be denied, the energy and commitment to make changes becomes available. How Coachable are you (or anyone, including me)? We are as Coachable as we are hungry for change.

Coaching is for everyone, when their day comes.

Want more, or less, of something? Let’s get you that.

Joseph Seiler MCC