How Is This So Obvious Except When It Is Not?



How is it that we continue ‘this’ action, so obviously unhelpful to us when we look at others doing it or at our own history? How is it that we seem to, in the moment, forget all of our experiences and learning to, yet again, do that dumb thing, that we know so well will not work and will probably hurt us?

I don’t know the full and absolute answer, but am pretty sure I have some insight about this, oh so human, event. ‘In the moment’ is controlled by one of two entities. One is the Spirit. One is the ego. Thing is, the ego is a very aggressive little bugger. It speaks quickly and loudly and builds a case for its position. The ego position is most often one of victim, fear, attack, that kind of thing. So, before we hear the Spirit in us, we hear the ego and strongly. If I am wandering about in my thoughts, not really present, the ego automatically wins the debate. The ego gets me animated, noisy, even a bit scared so I get convinced that I  need to protect my home and children, at least in my ego filled mind.

So, is this ‘good’ or not?

Well, if I am OK with the sequence we most often follow, all good. If I find myself over there on automatic, not really present, letting the ego voice drive my world, nothing more to do. Life sucks and then I die. The reason it is not so good, in my opinion, is because the ego bends everything toward a fear perspective. The world can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but is it really a place to be feared until death do us part?

What I notice is that, when I get present, you know, pay attention to only what is real in this moment, going on around me right here and right now, things get way better. The ego thrives on stuff it makes up. So when I get into the reality of now, well, not much fuel for that little bugger to scare me with.

Done? No, just a start.

And this concept will bring you a better life, much better. Try, as best you can, any effort will be great, to come to the present moment. Then stay as best you can. Abandoning the ego will, with certainty, bring you greater happiness … in my opinion.


Joseph Seiler MCC