5 Steps to Way Better Decision Making


Let me show you 5 steps to way better decision making. Decision making is the basis of all action and in turn of all results. No decision, no action, no result, well except that you missed the deadline or something not good like that.

We seek to make consistently good decisions to invoke consistently good actions and get those delicious consistently good results. But how? Decision making relies on a few vital things.

  • A clear statement of what needs to be decided (hold the picnic or not?)
  • Data relevant to the making of the decision (what is the weather prediction, how many can come, etc?)
  • Consequences of a good or not good, decision (what if we cancel, what if we go and it rains, what if we do it indoors…?)

But what if I am just not sure, if data is spotty and the consequences unclear?

This is a time when a way better decision making process will pay big dividends. Doubt is creeping in. Pressure to decide is rising. New data is either conflicting or not available. The clock is ticking. Here are 5 proven steps you can take.

  1. STOP. That is step number one. Stop and pause and breathe and get yourself grounded again
  1. Let the decision and all associated problems and possible solutions be pushed out in front of you. Get it all ‘out of you’ on to a big field in your mind. Exhale is likely an immediate first result. This decision is now ‘out in front’ where you can see the moving parts
  1. Notice the relationship between the various parts, the players and allow time to slow down or even stop altogether. Notice how quiet it is. That nasty little voice that is in your head and not helping at all, is no longer ‘inside of you’. It can still be heard, but it is like someone on the sidelines at field level. You, however, are up high in the bleachers with a far better view of the situation. And, again, it is wonderfully quiet
  1. From this place of the supporting quiet, exhale often and start to play with options. What you are seeing can be moved along in time to try out possible decisions and check the results you might expect. Play in this safe place and watch the likely results of different choices. Be reminded that you do have choices
  1. Allow an ‘ahaa’ to be accepted as a ‘might actually work’ candidate. Then allow another and another. Resist leaping to ‘what won’t work’, stay with a *’yes… and’ attitude. You will very soon find one option that will indeed work quite well. Decision made

Getting help with this kind of decision is a great thing to do, most of the time. If the person who is claiming to be helpful has their internal voice increasing everyone’s anxiety about this, not so great. If the helper can somewhat join you, especially in step 4 and step 5, good thing. Say yes to that.

  1. STOP
  2. Get it out/away
  3. Notice the quiet
  4. Play with options
  5. Allow ahaas

Here we have 5 steps to way better decision making. Compare these to what you usually do. Take what works for you from these and adjust your own method. Enjoy better and better decision making which will bring you greater and greater success.

Joseph Seiler MCC


*PS use of the ‘yes… and’ phrase is well explained in Candid Conversations in Business What? How? the book. Free on my site, www.yournaturaledge.com click on the Books tab at top of the Home page.