The Truth About You


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Our minds wander and wonder and think about us as, at times great and at times, small, as brave and fear-filled, as worthy and not. What is True about you and me, and about all people?

I have come to understand that the statements below are Truth, for me. I believe they are Truth for every person.

How did I come to believe that these are True? When I believe anything else there is a feeling of mistrust, maybe it is fear, of what I am not exactly sure, something just beyond my conscious understanding I suppose. There is doubt when I try to believe anything else. The doubt arises when I attempt to interpret the statements, the Truths, using the filters the world has handed to me over the years. Through those filters, we live in a fearful place, self protection is the first order of the day, every day. From those perspectives I never measure up, won’t ever measure up. When I release those filters, let my inner compass guide my introspection, the possibility of the viewpoint I have outlined below, becomes quite real. Frankly, also a quite inviting relief.

Mankind is self aware, well we’re supposed to be and sometimes, for a moment here and there, we are. From this place of self awareness we ask questions about, “why do I exist?” and other deep topics. Through introspection on this and similar questions it starts to be become clear that we are evolving beings, moving to higher planes than our primordial ancestors. Even if we disagree on the final destination, we do agree that we are evolving toward more and better and greater peace. More worthy, less not.

My own musings on all of this has given me the sequence I share with you below. The more I engage with it, the happier I feel and the more fulfilled my life seems to be. It started many years ago when I came across the Loving Kindness Meditation and evolved from there.

May I suggest reading it once with the italic parts included and put your own name instead of mine. You are absolutely allowed, encouraged even, to laugh at the italic parts. Then read it again, more slowly, without the italics and again use your own name. Know that it is True. Be well

I know that I am safe

except when I forget

I enjoy wonderful mental health, learning and growing everyday

… and I increasingly act from this ever deepening well of wisdom

except when I believe I’m not good enough

My physical health is excellent. I move and enjoy the use of my body every day

except when I, somehow, demand to act like I’m 22 years old

I live with daily increasing equanimity

… and thus enjoy ease of well being

This choice brings all manner of joy in my life. I suppose I could also say it another way, “when I decide to live with daily increasing equanimity, I enjoy greater ease of well being”

I am whole

I am at peace

I am Joseph

I am enough

I am grateful


Joseph Seiler MCC