Yes Preserved


Oh, thank you, I really want to

But others…

So I’ll pencil you in, yes

And if you’ll check back?


I really, really want to

But others could…. and

And sometimes they do.

What would I say to them if

If I gave my yes to you?


To insure that we stay a good fit

My ‘no’ could put you off a bit

I do, I really want to go

And will say anything to you but ‘no’

In case the others… you know


Today is our big day to meet

It is going to be so oh so sweet

Oh, you’ve got a better date?

I’ll just join the others then, I’ll tweet

But no, they’re all at home, at home tonight


The ‘no’ I could not give to any

Came back to me from many

No, they’re home alone tonight

My yes preserved

My yes

Just sitting here with no invite


And so am I