Ready for Coaching


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Have you ever toyed with the idea of working with a Coach?

Have an idea of what you would explore if you did decide to try it?

Willing to step at least a tiny bit out of your comfort zone?

You are ready.

What is the state of mind of the ideal Coachee?

In working with a few hundred clients I have observed that there is a kind of sweet spot that describes those who fly highest and fastest through receiving Coaching. These people seem to share the following attributes:

  • Old enough
  • Young enough
  • Has known success
  • Ready to go for something more
  • Has heard the whisper that maybe it could be easier

Old enough

Points to having enough experience to realize that no person can know it all and further has become open to views, ideas, etc that did not originate with them. The idea of ‘legacy’ might be entertained for a moment here and there. Knows that it is not only OK, but important, to say no sometimes. Can’t please all of the people all of the time

Young enough

Tells us that this person can muster the drive to get something worthwhile done. They are willing to call forth their beginner’s mind to explore something new. They are  still able to laugh with abandon. They want to deliver their impact into what they do/give

Has known success

Has tasted what it is like to triumph, to accomplish, and liked it

Ready to go for something more

Eyes mostly open to the trial they are about to set for themselves and have decided that ‘yes’ they want it enough to do the work, take the risks, endure the scars along the way. Imagining having achieved their goal brings a smile, even if only a tiny one. Ready!

Has heard the whisper

That whisper has always been there, but at an earlier age, or in the context of prior situations, answering that whisper did not feel like a viable option. But now… permission enters the scene and letting it be a bit easier is considered seriously viable. Again, the tiny smile

In this state a person is most likely to not only accept Coaching but to actually and fully, embrace the process. Coaching takes commitment and work from the Coachee. The Coach does not show up with a suitcase full of possibles to be chosen from, formulaically implemented and we’re done. Coaching is an exploration of what is really wanted on through the way that will work best for them to get there and ultimately to use something new to increase success going forward. Lasts a lifetime. Important stuff.

These seem to be the sweet spot for being Coaching ready. Finding the sweet spot itself is also a valid start of the Coaching objective.

How Coaching ready are you?

Joseph Seiler MCC