Being and Particles in Coaching


The big/whole  picture is made up of tiny photographs. Particles to make the full result – pic Mosaic Puzzles

Shaping Vision

Imagine that you have a magic lens through which you can zoom in or out in your view of any situation. What might zooming in or out while ‘looking at’ your career plans, your business plan, your measurements of how you and your team are doing, the market, how satisfied/or not you are with it all and so on.

Imagine what that might give you? Zooming across a continuum of time or scale/size, intensity, outcomes, to name a few, can be quite instructive. What about zooming into the particles of any of these? What about zooming out to the ‘what are we being here’ level? This is the Coaching pendulum, out to the being of it and in to the particles, back and forth until you hold the fabric of what you dream of.

Particles are the smallest details, like the pixels of a picture. What we are ‘being’ is the overall, and not at all specific, highest level to view something from.

The Cruise Ship Analogy

If we adopt the Cruise Ship as a discussion model, the particles include how many bricks of butter we load on before we go cruising out to sea. The being is all about the feeling, the flavour, the theme of what the Cruise provides. Like the being is the overall ‘what’ and the particles are in the specific details of the how.

In our imaginary Cruise ship (your life), let us say we want it to be just a little bit high end, but not ostentatious or out of reach expensive. We want our accomplishments to feel special and just better enough that we are not regretting what we paid to achieve/gain them.

Crafting Your Business Success Map

Take your ideas pencil and list some particle responses to this and some being responses. Notice how they are different and both are definitely needed. This is your life success map. The being parts are the broad brush strokes and the particles the essential rocks used to build the rest upon. We need the ‘being’ to aspire to and the ‘particles’ to build the stairs to take us to the stars we choose.

Particle Coaching and Being Coaching, the perfectly matched pair for your best life. Let’s explore. Book your free call with me here.       

Joseph Seiler MCC 2011 – 2022