Go With the Flow, or Not?


With my first name as Joseph, I have often heard ‘go with the flow, Joe’, sometimes
directed my way. What does that mean, exactly? I’m thinking it means, cooperate,
don’t rock the boat, blend in, keep your head down, make as little noise as possible.
Sheesh, boring or what. Those are the behaviours of someone living at the edge,
barely beyond watching the world. Not of a person involved, contributing and that
includes receiving. A bland space.

Embracing Life’s Experiences

Do we need to be center stage all the time? Well, no. Do we need to at least get
onto the stage, even if just at the edges, once in a while? I say yes! Is that not why
we exist, why we are here? If all we ever do is peek around the curtain to catch a
momentary glimpse of life in action, well, what the heck is that? What would be
the point of travelling to a new continent, populated by new languages, new
examples of the real articles of history we have only read about or heard about?

Would it not be to get off the train once in a while to actually walk along a canal,
get out picture taken under the Eiffel Tower, stand and absorb the enormity of the
Coliseum of Rome and even 1% of what happened there? Then walk a little further
and sample some of the local food? These are some of the reasons we go on a trip.

We are here, us humans, as if on a trip, visitors. We are here to sample the many
flows of the world. We could sit on a rock beside the flow. We could jump into the
stream of life, vigorously be involved in everything. What we actually do is our
choice. Some experiences are, in our minds, more worth the risk of getting soaked
while out in that flow. Would getting soaked in life, once in a while, be all that
bad? How often do you risk a new experience? What percent of the times you have
chosen to try something new/unknown has the result been better than neutral, what
percent disaster, what percent a yes!, maybe not right away but as you look back

The Importance of Active Participation

I’m thinking a few things here. One is that I believe, truly believe, that we are here
to learn things, to have experiences to gain insight, knowledge, to win sometimes,
to lose and get hurt sometimes too. Back to ‘go with the flow’. That, to me, means
notice the many choices that we could flow with or ignore and then, chose a few.
That seems to be the reason for visiting earth in the lifetime. We are here to sample
and learn. Go with the flow, to me, means get off the sidelines once in a while and get into the middle of life. Experience it. So maybe it is more like go with ‘a flow’, pick one or a dozen, and go! Wooo whoo or oh no!

Joseph Seiler MCC 2011-2022

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