Seeing Success Grows Success


In a relationship, the lens I choose to use in ‘seeing’ you will affect our every interaction.

How I see you is evident to you no matter how brilliantly I believe I have hidden it.

Scenario:  You are new in your role and I am your boss.

My 1st lens: I see you lacking in experience. Using this lens, I over explain and interpret things for you. Given time, we develop a dance between us. You might suppress your creativity and opinions to defer to my ‘greater experience’. You might label me, depending on how severe I become. Left as is, my ego grows at the way you seem to rely on me.

One day, you quit. I don’t understand why.

My 2nd lens: I see you as an emerging leader. Using this lens, I learn what you know. When you ask, I share my experiences with you. I ask for your input. If appropriate, I show you a rope or two. I push you beyond what you thought you could do. Over time, you become accustomed to your role and you grow into more responsibility.

How is ‘the space’ between us different?

To grow others, try adjusting your lens… 

X       1st lens                             2nd lens                                                       Y

X = the least I am expecting from the “first impression”

Y = is the way I want to be able to see them eventually their “possible potential”

 Method:  If they bring a problem for solution, your reaction may have been to just solve it. For life threatening emergencies, yes solve it, fast. For all other things, note how close to X your lens is, right now. Look at them. In your mind move the pointer a little ways toward Y, then challenge yourself to interact with them with the expectation that they are already at that new level, closer to Y than the last time you interacted with them. Act through your new lens. Notice. Do more of what works.

Note:  Each person has their own line; their own unique X and Y; meet them where they are. Move them toward their Y. (and keep moving Y higher as they grow)

Why bother?
Imagine your crew, all of them, moving along towards their own Y. What is their attitude about work? Colleagues? You? The company? The customer? What if the group designed an agreed Y for the entire crew? Powerful stuff. By designing the ‘lens that grows’ specifically for each member, plus one for the group, all is moving toward better and more responsibility and more bottom line contribution.

This is the ‘space’ of a solid foundation to build a skyscraper upon

developed in co-operation with Adonica Sweet PCC