The View Used By Naturally Successful Executives


successful executivesIt is said that we all see the world a little bit differently. This can get in the way of an Executive’s success. We have our filters, crafted from our prior experiences, prejudices, aspirations, fears and more. Your filters are different from mine, so, of course, we see things at least slightly differently. All things. Naturally successful Executives seem to, somehow, sense the subtle undercurrents in a way that gives them unusual clarity in decision making. Our personal filters are deeply ingrained dictums that interpret everything we interact with, always.

The view from here, from just rolling along and seeing and deciding and so on, is tainted and most of us don’t even know. Indeed very few people are aware of their filters or even that they have some. So here we are, together, on this massive playing field called life. And we don’t realize that others, almost all others, do not see what we think we see. As if in a kind of fog, here we go, there we decide, now we stop, then we reverse and so on and so on. And we think we are right!

In order to read those subtle undercurrents about what is, we need to somehow get past those filters that we have spent a lifetime building. How?

And ‘so what’ if we did?

What ‘is’, is usually not nearly as ‘serious’ as our ego warns us that it is. One entry point to helping us identify the real story, what we are really looking at, is to, in our minds, pull ourselves up, above the fray, that game we are playing in our minds. I have found it extremely easy to suggest to a Coaching client to imagine that you are an Observer, above the field on which you are playing the game of life. The Observer is not seeing as with the eyes. It is seeing with all of the senses, including intuition. There you are, you see/sense yourself, there are the others that you interact with day to day and you are all doing what you do. But wait, go higher, to notice who else is nudging at the edges of the field that you can sense? And… what just happened to that voice that likes to demand seriousness (and other lies)? It is silent up here. Yet, I can hear its voice in a kind of completely detached and objective manner. Wow, what a relief that is.

So, a few things here. One is that the voice is no longer hooking us, hooray. Another is that we can see wider, see all the players on the field, and yes, even beyond the field. Any and all who interact with me are seen at some level. Some are dimly seen and some clearly, but there is a feeling dimension added here. Something like a sixth sense kicks in and I get a sense of the bigger picture and also see the pattern around me. A kind of clarity arises.

Finally, time is different here. I can freeze frame, zoom in, zoom out and, actually, roll the scene ahead and back in time, at least a little bit. So I can drop in to sense ‘over there’ where I don’t normally have access. I can see/listen without the majority of my filters, because that pesky little voice is neutralized. That voice loves filters, likes to make some up, to amplify them, add sinister and fearsome little side notes, embellish, any tricks to hide what is actually true. With not too much practice I can even convince a player on the field to do something differently, just to see how it could turn out if they actually did that. Somewhat like asking a ‘what if’ question and getting a useful answer very quickly.

This is the tool I call Observer. You have, at least for a while,  evaporated that set of filters that get in the way of sensing/seeing/hearing the truth of what really is. Intuition is loud and clear. From this place you can make more right decisions faster, and move to right actions sooner. You will be more successful.

You are welcome. Observer has changed many of my client’s lives for the better.