Straight Forward To Best Results


best results

To move straight forward is to move without deviating from the shortest route, in this case, to the best results possible. Lots of advice out there on how to get those best results. OK, what about the role of ‘being’ straightforward. What might that add to ‘doing’ straight forward, keeping things on the optimum path? When I am ‘being’ straightforward, I am simply telling the truth, all of it, in an objective, level manner. What happens to your level of trust in me when I am always ‘being’ straightforward?

The idea of ‘being’ straightforward is an all encompassing manifestation of trust. Trust does not mean always being right. It means sharing openly, voluntarily, any relevant information that may assist in navigating a project, a task, a job of any kind, to gain best results in the end. There are many valid reasons that we can make mistakes. If we don’t have enough data or some bad data or lack experience, mistakes can happen. If we foster a culture of ‘being’ straightforward, mistakes will be fewer and those that are found are more quickly repaired.

When we ‘be’ straightforward, and, remain detached from judgment of self or of others, we can really move along and surprisingly fast, to the successful end point we seek. When someone is licking made up wounds because they were discovered to have made a error, that leaves at least that someone on the sidelines, not contributing. It is not easy to remain detached in this way. The ego we all have is easily bruised (in its opinion even the smallest implication is grounds for going into victim mode).

I did say we all have this overly sensitive thing called our ego. So how do we get it to settle down and stop it from repeatedly pretending it has a nosebleed and limping off to the sidelines. No longer contributing, in fact trying to draw others to the sidelines too. The answer, at least in part, is to make it safe to be rong. The more the idea of nobody gets to be rong (yes, spelled that way) is a part of the culture the more being straightforward can be embraced. ‘Being’ straightforward will take us straight forward to the best results the fastest.

Shifting the culture to one of ‘being’ straightforward is not an overnight task. Be patient plus persistent. The rewards will be great. ‘Being’ straightforward sets the foundation for embracing the game changing philosophy called the Candid Conversation in the conduct of your business. I have written a book, Candid Conversations What? How? If you’d like a free copy, just email me

Joseph Seiler MCC