Coaching Already Successful Executives


One might ask why even bother to offer Coaching to the already successful Executive. Here are a few big reasons.


  • The already successful know there is more available.
  • They also have willingness to increase their own self awareness and engagement.
  • Already successful Executives know what it takes to become successful.
  • Already successful Executives find becoming more successful, by comparison, easier than what initially got them there.
  • Already successful Executives have felt the fear, the exhaustion, the criticism and know that 99% of that is optional, made up, can be chosen to be different.
  • And… already successful Executives can more easily attract any help they may need. They know more about what to ask and whom to ask.


In providing Coaching to already successful Executives, I notice the foregoing show up again and again. These people love to reach for the brass ring and want the insights that arise from receiving Coaching.

When Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google he was asked why he had hired a personal Executive Coach for himself (already an accomplished CEO). He explained that a part of being human is that we are incapable of seeing ourselves fully or of knowing our complete impact on others. His business Coach helped him to increase his personal clarity, and his self awareness, and to make better decisions more easily and more quickly. He retained his Coach until retirement.

Let us be very clear about the role of the Coach. The Executive business Coach does not solve the problems or do any of the work of the Executive. The Coach is the confidential and gently relentless sounding board that accelerates the Executive’s solution finding. The Coach guides the thinking processes that the Executive likes to use, to more quickly and accurately find and then hit, the bullseye. No telling, just asking for clarification. A really good Coach can work in almost any corporate or organizational sector.

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Joseph Seiler MCC