To Face Unafraid, The Plans That We Made


Walking in a winter wonderland…   Although simply part of a well known Christmas song, this particular phrase has some great messages for people in business. The Christmas season holds many attributes and one of them is that for a lot of businesses things slow down and people can become reflective, about the season and about their company. Thoughts about plans for after the New Year are starting to germinate with some.

I am a big fan of people. I mean I believe in others and believe that most folks are interested in contributing to the success of the company they work within. The job of the leaders is to make it easy for everyone to contribute. OK, so how might we engage those willing to be engaged in doing some useful planning for the New Year? I say, ask the right question and your colleagues will have a tough time not thinking about good answers. An engaging question can stimulate, plus there is no need for yet another planning meeting. Whew.

The title and opening sentence to this article are words from a very familiar Christmas song. Everyone sings along, at least in their mind. Some will even put a bit of dance in their step as they sing along. The idea of ‘facing unafraid, the plans that we made’ seems odd, might even feel intriguing. If we frame this in terms of our business what would those plans include or exclude if we needed to be cautioned about being afraid? What would need to be included or excluded in order to ‘face those plans unafraid’ ?

What would you tend to do if you saw a real invitation to ‘face unafraid, the plans that we made’? Me? It is just odd enough that I’d think about it, and probably smile. I’d think about it every time that I heard that song. I would kind of automatically, kind of subliminally, start to refine my contributions to the planning scheduled for early next year. My sub-conscious mind would work on it. Inviting the question using this Christmas tune engages.

Try putting this on the company bulletin board and in the lunch room, anywhere you want more engagement from your people. Invite them without demanding or giving out homework for the holidays. They will respond, almost impossible to disconnect once this idea is put out there.

You …

Are invited

To face, unafraid, the plans that we’ll make

…in our January planning sessions

Do not think about what those plans include or exclude
if we needed to be cautioned about being afraid?

Don’t, even for a second, think about what would need to be included or excluded
in order to ‘face unafraid’ those plans (the plans you are not thinking about)?

Thank you. Your input is everything 🙂

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