Loving What Is – – – the book


A really quick book review,  Joseph Seiler MCC  2011-2022

Loving What Is, Byron Katie     

How many times and how many ways have we been advised to, “just let it go”?

And how easy has it been to do that?

Byron Katie has discovered a way that certainly gets things started for me. Four simple questions and a structure she refers to as ‘turn it around’. Start with a statement along the lines of, “XXX should YYY”. This is the something that we are having a hard time letting go of. It seems to have us and we can find little rest from it. Here are the statements she invites us to engage with

  1. Is it true that XXX should YYY?
  2. What is the proof that XXX should YYY? (this one really stopped me)
  3. How powerful, happy, successful do you feel when you believe that XXX should YYY?
  4. Not to try to change your beliefs on this matter, just to explore, what might you feel like, what might be possible, if you, even for a short time (how about 1 minute), did not believe that XXX should YYY?

Then ‘turn it around’ and do so many ways. For example, XXX should not YYY, I should YYY, everybody should/shouldn’t YYY, and keep playing and changing it until you start to giggle about how silly the combinations can get.

Help your colleague through the four questions. Let them really feel their answers to 3 and 4. Be ready for emotional release. ‘Be with’ and help them have the experience of #4. In the turn it around portion, play, up the momentum, have fun, and watch for hints of a new acceptance around the whole idea that XXX should YYY. Letting go happens or at least starts. Very effective.

I have personally used this for me many, many times and with clients, also many times, and it is amazingly good stuff. Tears often come followed by laughter, what a great combination. To see the author do this on video go to www.thework.com


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