Affirmations That Aren’t Lying


Many pundits advise that we ought to lie to ourselves, fake it ’til we make it, say the lie with gusto, until somehow it becomes our true state. Wha…? I know, with certainty, that I am not a multi-millionaire. So when I say ‘I am a multi-millionaire’ the fireworks go off in my brain and, frankly, I don’t feel much better than foolish or maybe even desperate. Let us start again.

In visualization I ‘see’ at least a part of what I seek to manifest. The picture of what I want is made clearer and thus stronger, by staying with, and in, the picture as witness and even stronger as participant. Never mind the multi-million in crisp thousand dollar bills. What am I doing if I have it, the little things? The one in the picture that is ‘doing’ what I visualize and doing it perfectly, at first maybe without all the details, is me. By inquiring what is this part and that part and about the colour of things and the temperature and the weight and every kind of detail, I strengthen the reality of the imagined experience. I put myself more firmly into a slice of the picture of the result I seek. The visualization evolves into more of an advance ‘experience’, more of a 3D felt experience than a flat, lifeless picture like a painting. Let us not attempt to swallow the entire whale in one bite. What would breakfast be like as a multi-millionaire? etc

Those two aspects, the seeing and the description of ‘the doing’ start to bring notice of the feelings the participant in the image may be experiencing.

It can be powerful to visualize. There comes a time when the reality of the vision is strong enough to ask the question “who is in the picture?” The answer, of course, is ‘I am’. I am the one in the picture. Notice how this affirmation does not carry the ‘yeah right’ self doubt of affirmations that state a future result as if you already have it, but don’t. (I am a multi-millionaire) It has all the recommended attributes, first person, present tense, specific and spoken as if I already have it (because I am indeed the person in the visualization, no lie here). I don’t need to fiddle and lie to myself. I do already have the visualization and I am indeed the one within that visualization. No lies. No ‘yeah sure’.

OK, and what am I doing in the picture? ‘I am describe the resulting actions I desire to affirm into reality. Again, ask questions about the picture that I visualize. Ask in ways that the answer is likely to have an action word, a verb, in it. Something like ‘what am I doing in the picture?’ is great. Respond starting with ‘I am… doing this or that’. Keep this rhythm rolling along. Just asking about what is going on in the visualized picture. And no lies. Nice.

We now have a string of affirmations that are not lies. Exhale allowed anytime you like now. J

And please notice, that at the bottom of your exhale, there is this little tiny pause, a silent moment, a stop that is natural. That spot is access to your center. Just notice it, hold for an extra moment if you like, but notice it. Therein is the peace of Source, the quiet of Universe, the ease of well-being, the calm in the center of the storm we call life. Who knew?

Yuh, just notice it

Joseph Seiler MCC