Uplifting You and Others – See Yourself, Celebrate What You See


The Coaching toolkit holds many insightfully useful items. One that I find  particularly powerful is the phrase pair of See yourself, Celebrate what you see.

The Power of Self Reflection

Practiced delivery of these six words can transform an entire company, fast tracking it to higher levels of success than ever imagined. The kind of ‘see’ here is the kind that takes the time and the extra effort to ‘see’ the essence of the human being that is addressed, in this case, yourself. When I see myself fully, honestly,  it is a vulnerable moment. In such a moment I see/hear it all, including the accusing little voice we all have in our heads. It is a tough thing to see. Among all the part truths, accusation, innuendo and mockery, there is also real truth, truth worth celebrating.

This is the key to the power of this phrase pair. Stare down the accusations and start by acknowledging the noble truths, some of which only a few others might even know about.

Under the spotlight of truth, much of the condescending yak yak shrinks, some of it evaporates altogether. Further, those positive truths get noticed, acknowledged, reinforced and encouragement. Wow, big stuff here. Does this ignore the parts I don’t like to hear that are also true? Not at all. Those are valuable to know. Those are not to dwell upon to the exclusion of all else.

Owning Your Truths

Owning my not so pretty truths gives me the list of where I can grow and improve.  However, let us not let the negative obliterate our view of the positives we all have at least some of. With those in clearer view, setting the negatives aside for a moment, what does that feel like?

Now up your game well beyond the next level (next level is for sissies, blast past that). Notice how it might feel, what it might do for you, if someone else would, out loud, in front of people, name even one of those positive things about you? Feel that. How much motivation does that hold within it?

Let this be your main task for a few days. Get to know yourself better, get past what others say, see clearly what is really there, warts and all. See the objective, best as you can, can’t do it wrong, truth. Allow yourself to be human in your failings and to acknowledge and be grateful for those positive things that are indeed true about you. You will grow in positive ways you could not have anticipated. This is a gift to yourself. Celebrate.

Fostering Growth & Positive Reinforcement

So here is your bonus invitation. Think about your colleagues with a view to identifying one or more of their positive attributes. Find them, and tell them (celebrate), and watch what happens. Start your own company-wide pandemic of seeing each other and celebrating what you/we see. Watch what starts to happen when this amazing positive virus takes hold. Feed it.

Joseph Seiler MCC 2011-2022

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