What Impact Do You Want People to Feel when You Enter a Room?


A big question. Do people even notice me? In those instances when they do, what would I like my impact upon them to be? Can I put on just the right outfit, walk just the right way, say just the right thing for them to feel… what? If I could design my impact on others, what would I like that impact to be? How well can I see myself?

This is about the ‘sense’ of what we are. Nothing to do with name, title, having movie star looks. We humans have amazingly well honed sensing ability. We can tell if someone is a liar. We can tell if someone is arrogant, no matter how carefully they wrap their interactions with others. It seems that we can ‘see’ others fairly easily. Yet to accurately ‘see’ myself is not always easy, can be quite hard even. This ‘seeing’ is not taught in schools. It is taught through life experience. We can become tuned to notice certain ‘types’ and adjust our own behaviors accordingly. Can we become more tuned to notice ourselves?

OK, so what if ‘what I truly am’ is way more transparent to others than I want to believe? I try so hard to cover up. Lots of ways to point the rest of this article from here. Let us point it  to pause, and to imagine that we can magically design and deliver the impression that we choose, the one that portrays and radiates what we really want to be. We could discuss the impact of choices of shoes and imagine evoking an entire spectrum of desired responses. Yet… what is your sense, your impression of me if you detect that I spent many days coming up with just the perfect pair of shoes in an attempt to elicit just the perfect reaction from you? What is up with me? Ask and answer that for yourself. If you did/do that, what does it say about you? What do you see?

Now imagine a person who exudes what you aspire, in your deepest desires, to be? Let this imaginary version of the maximum, amazing, fully you version of yourself, come into the room. They bring and radiate the most perfect you. How long do you guess they invested in choosing the shoes they are wearing in this picture of you? So we need to look elsewhere.

One with one Coaching clarifies that perfect picture of yourself. You get to become more fully aware of what is truly important to you. You get to own that understanding in a much more complete way, stronger, with confidence, and ease. Yes ease. 

Why not be at ease with your true self, just be yourself? 

What might feeling more ease with the true you do for your life? 

What might it be like to never have to feel like you need to cover up, compensate or apologize for what you are? 

What might just being more self aware do to the way people will feel when you enter a room? 

And let us be clear, it is the true you, not your choice of shoes, that is what radiates out into the room. Consider looking at yourself and fully seeing what you are. Consider celebrating what you are.

How to get there?  Let’s talk about that, book a call with me for a short chat about the impact you’d like to have. Book your call here.

See yourself, celebrate what you see.